Wood Rod Stick Rounding Machine LG-9030B Sold to Congo

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017
One customer from Congo ordered one set of Wood Rod Rounding Machine (Model No.LG-9030B) from LONGER Machinery. Customer has been in business for over 5 years and plans to manufacture wood rod round sticks with diameter 8cm.
wood rod rounding machine
This model LG-9030B wood rod rounding machine can be used to process round wood with diameter 5-30mm, blade diameter 30mm , feeding speed 30-46m/minute and the overall diameter is 1050x770x1300mm.
This wood rod rounding machine is with reasonable design, easy installation process, mainly on the daily lubrication and cleaning, fastening the components, adjust the machine.
Regular cleaning oil change, the working conditions of the wood crusher is not good, need regular cleaning, for lubricants.
Regular inspection, inspection of the wear and tear of the various parts, is expected to replace the number of parts at the next repair.
Plan to repair, generally divided into minor repair, repair and overhaul 3 species. Minor repair the workload of the smallest, for some short-term use of parts, some of the local can be disintegrated repair; repair work in the middle of overhaul and minor repair, repair and update the main parts of wood crusher, so that the wood crusher to achieve the required accuracy And productivity; overhaul is a repair, overhaul all to dismantle, repair and replace all parts, so that the wood crusher to achieve the required accuracy and performance.
The diameter of the finished wood rod can be customized, please contact customer service at Email: sales@longerinc.com or WhatsApp: +8618537181190
Model LGMB9030B
Pressing width: 10-60mm
Working length: 250mm-Max
Round wood cutting diameter: 5-30mm
Feeding speed: 30-46m/min
Spindle velocity: 8500r/min
Blade diameter: 30mm
Extraction outlet size: 80mm
Motor Overall power: 6.75kw
Overall dimension: 1050x770x1300mm