Machine to Make Mop Sticks|Wooden Broom Stick Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017
mop sticks making machine

The raw material used to make wooden mop sticks can be round or square, and the diameter of the finished mop sticks can be adjusted according to the machine. 
The working principle of wooden mop sticks machine:
The use of automatic feeding, automatic return to the two functions, in the processing of traditional round bar (spade, mop) at the same time, but also increased the production of wooden rods function, the device is mainly used for shovels, hoe, wood, The mango and the workers and peasants in the production of wood tools, as well as furniture decoration, decoration used in round wood
All kinds of woodworking rod machine equipment should be set up an effective brake device, safety protection device and vacuum chip removal device.
In the course of use, it is necessary to ensure that any tool is used at any cutting speed without any harmful vibration, so as to avoid danger during operation.
Any exposed belt, turntable, shaft, etc., should have a protective cover.
LONGER Machinery offer after-sales service:
1, Where the company in the manufacturing process caused by the quality of the problem, in the shelf life can be resolved by my company.
2, Quality assurance period received the quality of the user response problems, whether or not my company are actively assisting to solve and ensure that within 24 hours to deal with the views, for on-site service to send staff to solve the problem in time to customer satisfaction as the standard , To ensure that benefits, improve the credibility of enterprises.
3, For the production of production testing and technical files, to ensure that each batch, pieces of products with traceability, for inquiries. Regular visits to users, with particular emphasis on user feedback and evaluation, and constantly improve and improve the service measures.