Mosquito Coil Manufacturing Process Video

renKatherine/ riqi Jul,2017
Automatic Mosquito Coil Making Machine adopted advanced systems as the servo motor used by precise machine tool and big tonnage high speed hydraulic system.Mitsubishi PLC main control circuit and intellectualized touch screen operating panel,It has the advantages of tight and reasonable structure,stable operation,precise positioning of chain and better permeability of mosquito coil. The equipment only need four person to operate,which improved the automatic degree and work efficiency,reduce the labor intensity of workers and greatly improve the working safety
Grout mixer: put starches into the machine, cook the starches by boiling water or steam
Small mixer: put the raw materials which are mixed by the first step and the starches that it is cooked together , and then they are called  the wet green.
The forming machine: To put the ready mixed wet greens into the forming machine. After going through the second pressure, it will form the mosquito wet-green.
1).Square wimble pipe for pulp entering system ;
2).Pressure headbox and stainless steel cylinder mold forming system ;
3).Prepress and main press section dewater system ;
4).Big diameter and group dryers for drying system ;
5).Air automatic control guider and electric stretcher for belt
6).Producing printing/copying/writing paper;
7).High efficiency and high quality paper;
8).Eazy-controled and energy saving
9). To produce the paper smooth and fine