Wooden Handles Production Line

renKatherine/ riqi May,2017
The complete set of wooden handle production line is consisted of wood rod rounding machine, wooden handle polishing machine and wood screw threading machine. 
1. Wood rod rounding machine: Belong to wood round stick processing equipment, which is mainly used to make long strips bamboo or wood material and round wood into round sticks and smooth square sticks.The machine can be customized according to your wood handle diameter 
The proper material is widely,such as elongated wood and round stock embryo,to change the disadvantage of raw material limited.
Smooth surface,the stick which processed approach to the one through sanding,to leave the sanding process by changing the speed of the machine.
High efficiency, the highest speed of the machine can reach 25 pcs/min,and can be customed the machine which can process more sticks for one time.
wood rod rounding machine
2. Wood handles polishing machine: There are two kinds of wood handles polishing machines: Single belt and double belt wood polishing machines.
Widely used to polish elongated wood ,round stick,broom stick, etc.After polish the surface will be more smooth,which can be painted or sale directly,see as belows.
When the wood stick pass through the interval of rotation wheel and abrasive paper,the wheel will press it approach to the abrasive paper and being sanded,the convey speed can be adjusted.We also has machine which can polish several wood stick at one time,all this can be customed.Now double belt type wood round stick polish machine more popular,because its high efficiency.
wood handles polishing machine
3. Wood screw threading machine:
This machine is with three functions,
To cut all wood handle two sides,make them to be standard length.
To make one side to be thread(screw)
Another side to be round head
(these 3 functions can work separately,this machine also can be customized according to your wood stick diameter).
wood screw threading machine