Wood Shaving Mill Machine Test Video From Cara@machinehall.com

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2019
The wood shaving milling machine is mainly made up of the manufacturing process of the breeding litter shaving machine and the current innovation. The feeding port adopts the automatic feeding device, the wood material is sent into the machine through the feeding port, and the blade is sliced inside the machine. Directly out the uniform size of the shavings, the thin thickness of the shaving machine can be adjusted.
Application of Wood Shaving Machine:
The efficient wood shaving machine can process logs, branches (branches) and edge boards into shavings. The produced shavings are the same as the shavings produced by the furniture factory. The automatic feeding equipment greatly increases the production speed and saves time and manpower. The smallest model of this series is equipped with 7.5kw power, the largest model supporting power 75kw, the smallest model inlet diameter is 10cm, the width is 14cm, the largest model inlet diameter is 32cm, the width is 42cm, according to the model of wood shaving machine, shavings The output is also different, the output range is 400~4000kg/h; the size and thickness of the shavings can be adjusted to the length of the blade, and the thickness of the flower can be adjusted to 0.1~1mm. This product has large, medium and small sizes for you to choose.

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